Crocodile Totem Warrior

By Steven Russell

The crocodile totem warrior is an aggressive master of survival with a devious intelligence. Crocodile totem warriors tend to specialize in a grapple that allows them to be extremely effective on land and in the water. As she gains levels, she looks more and more like a crocodile--her skin hardens and becomes slick, her body thickens , her limbs grow thin, her teeth shorten, growing sharp, and her face elongates gaining a bit of a snout.

Races: Favored by Mohj and Sibeccai
Rapport: With All Reptiles
Hit Dice: D12
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The crocodile totem warrior is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and Light, and Medium armors as well as shields.
Additonal class skills: Hide (Dex)
Special: All crocodile totem warriors gain a +2 inherent bonus to swim checks
Animal Companion: Medium crocodile. At 6 HD the crocodile becomes size large. At 9 HD it becomes size Huge.

Totem powers

1st level - Hide of the crocodile (Ex): The crocodile totem warrior gains a +1 natural armor bonus to Armor class until 8th level, whereupon the bonus becomes +2. It increases by +1 every four class levels thereafter.

4th level - Reason of the crocodile (Ex): The crocodile totem warrior enjoys a +2 enchcrocodilement bonus to Intelligence.

8th level - Shape of the crocodile (Ex): The crocodile warrior can take on the form and stats of a crocodile totem animal companion approprate to her level: in other worlds, a Medium crocodiles's stats with +1 HD for every level she has above 3rd. She can take this form once per day, for up to 10 minutes per class level.

12th level - Hold Breath (Ex): The crocodile totem warrior can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 x her Constitution score before she risks drowning.

16th level - Aggression of the crocodile (Ex): The crocodile warrior learns to fight in a very aggressive manner. Treat the first attack the totem warrior makes in a round as if made by a weapon with the vicious special ability.

20th Level - Waiting Strike (Ex): The crocodile totem warrior can, during a suprise round in which she acts first, make a single attack that deals +2d8 points of damge, this damage increases to +4d8 on a critical hit. She also gains a +2 circumstance bonus to all Constitution checks when not moving.