XDMC #8 : Craft a Plotline!

Slithering No More (5 characters, level 13-15)

Long ago a group of couatl felt that Bahamut defied his ideals in order to destroy some forces the Asmodeus. Their actions harmed numerous innocents but they had deemed it acceptable losses. Displeased Bahamut stripped them of their wings and cast them out. Many nagas, as they were now known, became bitter and turned away from Bahamut. Some sought penace for their transgressions. After years of servitude Acatzin attracted Bahamut's attention at the request of Sharash. Sharash felt Acatzin had attoned for his mistakes and deserved to be restored. Bahamut entrusted Sharash with the Wind Serpent's Stone, a great stone tablet that contains a ritual to return wings to the nagas. Few nagas passed the judgement of Sharash.

The location of the tablet has been careful guarded for years. Recently a group of nagas have learned that a text in the home of Lord Raines may contain the location. Lord Raines's home dates back to Arkhosia. Although it has been partially destroyed and rebuilt over the years, the family vault is believed to contain the journal of Sharash. Unfortunately powerful protection magic and a guardian have prevented the nagas from stealing the book. The nagas have a small number of followers that are being used to recover the book.

Part 1: Wedding of Lord Raines

Hook 1: Arriving in the city, the PCs cross the path of a wedding procession.

Hook 2: As friends of Lord Raines, the PCs are invited to his wedding.

A group of dragonborn attack the wedding party. The Lord pushes his new wife, Lady DeFleur, behind him. After killing the Lord, one searches the body while the others deal with the PCs. They don't find the journal and ask the wife for the book. The PCs or local guard defeat the dragonborn before they harm the wife. The wife is actually a servant of the nagas. The dragonborn were hired by another servant but do not know of the wife's involvement.

Part 2: Locating the Stone

Hook: PCs invited to Lady DeFleur's home. Either because they saved her in Part 1 or they are well known enough.

Lady DeFleur believes she has found the journal her husband's killers were looking for. The journal is actually a new journal made from some of the information in the original. It describes the loss of a great temple of Bahamut to followers of Tiamat around the time of Arkhosia. The temple housed the the Wind Serpent's Stone. The ritual carved into the stone can restore the corrupted nagas to Bahamut's way. Lady DeFleur wants the vengence for the loss of her husband. She also requests that the Wind Serpent's Stone be recovered so that it can be given to the local church of Bahamut.

The journal could have exact directions or only clues about the temples location depending on the DM's needs. If the PCs talk to the dragonborn at the temple, they could learn of Lady DeFleur's deception. They also might notice Bahamut's symbol on their clothing or items. If the PCs ally with the temple or refuse to retrieve the Wind Serpent's Stone, additional opponents will be sent to retrieve the tablet.

Part 3: Big Birds Visit the City

Hook: Crash! The PCs see a giant roc has landed onto a building. The building colapsed under the weight and others seem poised to follow. A second roc drops from the sky.

The naga supporters have captured a baby roc. The ritual to restore the wings to the nagas requires feathers from a roc. The overzealous zealots intend to sacrifice the entire creature. Unfortunately the parents have noticed the missing child and tracked the kidnappers. They wreak havoc in the city eventually arriving at Lady DeFleur's home. They ignore the PCs for the most part. Upon reaching the home they destroy a section of wall revealing the nagas and the baby roc.

If the nagas succeed with the ritual and restore their wings, they can become villians for later adventures. They will flee if the battle turns against them.

Optional Elements
2. A painted stone.
5. A roc.
7. A wedding.
9. An unfaithful spouse. (I consider plotting to kill your spouse to be unfaithful.)