XDMC #3 : Forge an Artifact!

Nature's Beauty

The Nature's Beauty is bracelet made of a rose flower. Originally created by Lebulier with divine inspiration from Mielikki, Nature's Beauty was created to promote the ideals of the goddess. During the creations of the artifact, Rasnuet worked closely with Lebulier to prepare the rose. She had been infatuated with him for some time. After they succeeded in it's creation, Lebulier thanked her for the support and that he would miss her. She was confused. He smiled expecting the news to please her. He explained that the forest protector of the Rising Forest had died recently. Lebulier felt that Rasnuet had learned enough to handle the position. Rasnuet couldn't believe he was sending her away. She raced away as the tears began to flow.

The sorrow slowly lessened replaced with anger. Rasnuet became convinced that Lebulier had deceived her. He used her devotion and then tossed her aside. She returned to the grove with a powerful poison. When Lebulier slept she poisoned Nature's Beauty. That night she left the grove and never returned. Unfortunately the poison didn't immediately kill the rose. Tortured by the poison flowing through the flower, Nature's Beauty learned to hate. The artifact's change in attitude was carefully hidden. Nature's Beauty began to inform Lebulier of corruption and plots that did not exist. Weakened internal by the artifact's lies, the grove eventually fell to outside attackers and Nature's Beauty was lost.

Nature's Beauty (Heroic Tier)

A beautiful rose sits in the center of the bracelet with an aroma as strong as an entire rose bush. The rest of the bracelet is made of the plant's vines. Some thorns adorn it but point outward to avoid injuring the wielder.

Item Slot: Arms
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Nature checks.
Property: You gain forest walk.
Power (At-Will * Divine, Implement, Radiant): Standard Action. You can use Lance of Faith (cleric 1).
Power (At-Will * Divine): Immediate Interrupt when target by a ranged attack. A gust of wind blows the attack away. The opponent gets a -2 to ranged attack rolls until the end of the wielder's turn.
Power (Encounter): Move Action. You transform into a bird and fly up to 8 squares before transforming back.

Goals of Nature's Beauty
* Protect nature and promote Mielikki.
* Drive everyone away from wielder so that he suffers alone.
* Stop the pain. (Doesn't know how to do that short of dieing and doesn't want that.)

Roleplaying Nature's Beauty

The bracelet can speak to the owner but usually communicates through the wielder's dreams. Beautiful scenes of nature grow in the wielder's dreams. This allows it to claim the owner misinterpreted the message. It prefers good and nature loving users because of it's connection to Mielikki but slowly destroys their relationships so that they suffer as the bracelet does due to the poison. The bracelet will point out acts by companions that hurt the environment and offer alternatives. After learning who the character trusts, Nature's Beauty will begin spreading lies about the actions of people the wielder doesn't trust. Once the bracelet has built enough trust with its user, it will begin to push away even the trusted friends.


Starting score:                5
Owner gains a level            +1d10
Owner worships Mielikki        +1
Owner protects the wilderness  +1
Owner believes the lies        +1
Owner betrays friend           +2
Owner ignores the lies         -2
Owner needless destroys nature -2

Pleased (16-20)
"Together we will stop those who plot against you."
Thorns grow all over the exposed vines of the bracelet.

Property: The bracelet's item bonus to Nature checks increases to 5.
Property: You take a -5 penalty to Diplomacy checks because of the lies told but the bracelet.
Power (Daily * Divine, Implement): Standard Action. Vines shot out from the bracelet (close blast 5). Make a Wisdom vs. Reflex attack roll for everyone in the blast area. Successful hits restrains the opponent and causes ongoing 2 damage (save ends both).

Satisfied (12-15)
"Evil grows like a weed be prepared to stomp it out."
The vine have grown to encompass the entire arm of the owner.

Property: You take a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks because of the lies told but the bracelet.
Property: You can speak and understand the Elven language and read the Rellanic script.
Power (Daily * Divine): Minor Action. You ignore difficult terrain for the rest of the encounter.

Normal (5-11)
"Nature blossoms but be watchful for one works against you."
When first worn, the bracelet is careful to breed a level of trust. Lies only begin after some truths have been revealed.

Unsatisfied (1-4)
"Fool! Can't you see through the lies they tell."
The bracelet tightens uncomfortably on the wielder.

Property: You take -2 penalty to Will save as the bracelet invades your thoughts constantly.

Angry (0 or lower)
"Listen to me!"
Thorns jab into you.

Property: You take -3 penalty to Will save as the bracelet invades your thoughts constantly.
Special: At the beginning of combat or a skill challenge, thorns jab into you causing ongoing 2 damage (save ends)

Moving On
"Your pathetic. Leave."
The bracelet will continue to sow seeds of mistrust until the wielder has no one left or doesn't believe the artifact. At which point the bracelet will grows thorns all over until the owner removes it.

Optional Elements
3. The artifact has a distinctive odor. (Smells like roses.)
5. The artifact is damaged, malfunctioning or dying. (The poison is slowly killing the artifact.)
10. The artifact seeks out good-aligned characters for the purpose of corrupting them.