XDMC #21 : Craft a Cursed Item!

Princess's Love

Princess Daiatha has come of age and her father is looking for a husband for her. She had fallen in love with Prince Calibor. Unfortunately Prince Calibor's father had made a deal with an infernal being for extending his life. Prince Calibor's family were transformed into tieflings. Horrified by the transformation, Princess Daiatha refused to see her former love. She has had many suitors since but none have captured her heart.

Potential Uses in a Campaign
1) The PCs aid the King in some manner which bring them to the Princess's attention.
2) The Princess is captured (possibly by Prince Calibor) and the PCs rescue her.
3) A PC actively seeks the Princess's hand.

Princess's Love Level 12
With a blown kiss, the Princess blesses you with her undying love.
Royal Boon 13,000 gp
Property: Gain a +3 item bonus to Diplomacy checks
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. You know the distance and direction of the Princess.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. You can use this power when hit by an attack. You use your second wind.

The Curse
While Princess Daiatha loves the idea of a great hero as her husband, she is more found of his noble life. She wants someone to take her to galas and other events. Deep in her she still loves Prince Calibor. That love taints any other relationship she may have. She slowly demands more and more of her husband. It cannot be detected by a short rest or Arcana but she will mutter occasionally about Prince Calibor's attempts to make her happy.

Some time after giving her love, she will require an engagement ring. Anything worth less than 10,000gp will disappoint her and be refused. Once requested, the PC will not gain the item bonus or be able to use daily power of the Princess's Love until a ring is accepted by the Princess.

Afterward she will start planning the wedding. Anytime the PC is in town, he cannot regain his full healing surges per day due to his inability to rest. Initially he is limited to one less than his maximum healing surges per day. This increases each trip outside of town to a maximum of three less than his maximum.

After the wedding, she will start demanding that he stay with her and give up adventuring. The PC once again starts losing the ability to regain the his full healing surges per day but that occurs regardless of whether he is in town or not. The Princess employs wizards to send messages to him while he is away. It starts at one less than his maximum again. It increases each visit to town or month away.

Removing the Curse
Prince Calibor still loves the Princess. If the players can find the Prince and bring him to meet with the Princess, he might be able to convince her that he is still the man she loves.

Optional Elements:
3. Dormant: The curse does not manifest until well after the owner takes possession of it.
5. Hidden: The curse cannot be detected during a short rest or by using the Arcana Skill.
11. Quest: The curse can only be removed by completing a quest described in the entry.

Designer Notes
The at-will power is a reference to the Dragon Warrior Nintendo game. Calibos from the 1981 Clash of the Titans is kinda the inspiration for Calibor. I decided against using the Revered element and making him a bad guy but that could always be added.