XDMC #17 : Reveal a Prophecy!

Releasing the Bull

Before the humans, dwarves, and others came to Jūrmular, the ogres dominated the city and region. They enslaved minotaurs to work and serve them. The ogres made many enemies during their vicious rule. When the other races attacked the city, Wisanttor rallied his fellow minotaurs and turned against the ogres. The minotaurs rushed into battle often taking the lead. Jūrmular fell to the combined forces but the minotaurs suffered heavy loses.

Setan, a human noble involved with the invasion, began helping the minotaurs rebuild the city. Soon people began to flock to the burgeoning urban center. Wisanttor appreciated the aid at first. Over time Setan began to make decisions without consulting Wisanttor. Initially it was for expedience and the result weren't marginally different than what Wisanttor would have suggested.

When a temple to Pelor was in construction near the center of the city, Wisanttor ordered the work be stopped. He intended to dedicate the city to Kord. He had no qualm with Pelor but felt the church should not be in the center of the city. The workers refused to halt the construction. When Wisanttor went to smash the structure, Setan interceded.

Wisanttor demanded that Setan and his people leave. Setan told him to look around. Humans run the city. The minotaurs are a minority. They are welcome to stay and be apart of the new Jūrmular but they are no longer in charge.

Wisanttor and the minotaurs were regulated to the fringes of society. He was no longer invited to social events. Only Cloninga, a witch he had saved during the final battle, regularly visited him. He asked her if the minotaurs would ever be their own masters. She performed a divination to answer his request.

When the walls shake
A bull blue will rise.
He will refuse power
Which will make him more powerful.
Others will feast
As he goes hungry.
The freedom he secures for others
Will never be his.
His strength will capture the princess's heart.

Over a thousand years has passed since then, the prophecy remains unfulfilled. Recent tremors were usual but most people paid them no mind. It wasn't until Aurochbos's encounter that people thought of the prophecy. Aurochbos had worked in the fields in the morning and went to a tavern for a drink. The tables were mostly occupied. When the humans complained about him sitting at their table, he payed them no mind. The waitress asked that he move to avoid any trouble but Aurochbos did not. The tavern keeper refused to serve him until he moved so he sat.

The constables dragged the minotaur out. They might have beat the minotaur had it not been for the gathering crowd. "My heart is filled with despair. What worse can you do?" asked Aurochbos. Inspired minotaurs across the city started standing up for equal treatment. They tried to recruit Aurochbos to lead them but he didn't want to be involved.

Meanwhile Pelrovis fought a carrion crawler in the arena. The bug seem prepared to defeat the disarmed and injured minotaur. Pelrovis suddenly charged the creature. His horn jabbed into the monster before being ripped out by a twist of the minotaur's head. Pelrovis's hands reached into the holes caused by his horns and pulled the crawler apart. The dark blue blood covered the minotaur.

The blue blood stained Pelrovis's fur and could not be washed out. Knowing the prophecy Pelrovis's backers sent a lavish meal to the champion. Pelrovis normally ate well after a successful match but this was beyond ordinary. When Leusian visited Pelrovis that night, the food sat untouched. Pelrovis asked the money lender what he wanted. Leusian started to explain the prophecy but Pelrovis interrupted him. Understanding that Leusian wanted to exploit the prophecy, Pelrovis tossed him and the food outside.

The minotaur community is divided about who is the "bull blue" from the prophecy. Some argue that the point is moot for King Gotzzuca has no living daughter. Princess Lynne was ten years old when she succumbed to a plague that killed one in ten people in the city. She was buried in the royal cemetery.

Grave Robbing

One night the PCs notice something going on in the royal cemetery. Investigating they discover some minotaurs and a human excavating the tomb of Princess Lynne. The human sorcerer convinced the minotaurs that he can revive the dead princess. In actuality he intended to simply animate the corpse and disguise it with an illusion. Once he gets close to the "bull blue", he planned to enchant him as well. Unfortunately the body of the princess was already gone.

If they talk to the king or his wizard, they could learn that the princess was never buried there. She was given to the eladrin to educate in return for saving the Queen from an illness many years ago. The deal was kept secret from the people of Jūrmular. While Princess Lynne was in their custody, the drow kidnapped the young girl. The eladrin attempted a rescue but failed and presumed that the princess would be sacrificed to the Spider Queen. The King had the wizard create an illusion of the princess so that he and his people could have closure on the subject.

Another Blue Bull

The city is a buzz with news of a third "bull blue" entering from the south gate. This minotaur has a dark blue skin and fur. He arrived with a gnome and calls himself Tingvor. If the PCs go and meet him, something seems off. He is more jovial than other minotaurs. He is carrying a long bow and short sword which are unusual weapons for a minotaur. Unlike the other two contenders for the prophecy, he seems to revel in being the center of attention. If the PCs are not inclined to investigate some minotaurs who believe in Aurochbos or Pelrovis could hire them to investigate.

Tingvor is actually a changeling. He and his companion enjoy playing tricks on people. On the way to Jūrmular, they heard of the prophecy and the two minotaurs. They know little of minotaur culture and don't intend to learn. They intend to get some free meals and whatnot before humiliating any minotaurs who believe Tingvor to be the "bull blue".

Lost Princess

The recent tremors that shock the city were actually caused by the drow tunneling under the city. The PCs spot some people sneaking into the royal palace. This might simply be that they notice a sewer grate that seems ajar. When they investigate the drow guarding the escape route attack. Alternatively if they are well known or visited the King to ask about the princess's empty tomb, they might be offered a night's rest. During the night they hear some commotion outside their room. No mater how they discover the drow, they follow them to the treasury. The drow use the princess to allow them through the magical protection/guardian. The drow are after some ogre relic that is more powerful than the humans realized.

The princess doesn't know what they are after. She simply doesn't want to be tortured. The drow call her Eldarynne. She remember little of her life before the drow. She will reluctantly help the drow so as to avoid being punished. She has been trained as a dark pact warlock.

Further Expansion

The suggested storylines don't resolve how the minotaur captures the princess's heart or who is the real "bull blue". Fearing the lose of power and his daughter, the King could give a couple seat on the council of nobles to the minotaurs. Some minotaurs could be hired as constables and discrimination against minotaurs be declared illegal. This could lead to continued interaction between Princess Lynne and the minotaur noble. Alternative, the princess remains deeply disturbed and attempts to aid the drow or some dark lord. The "bull blue" manages to kill the princess crushing her heart. As for who is the real "bull blue", it is left for the DM to decide.

Optional Elements
4. Derailed. Due to recent events, it appears unlikely that the prophecy can come true.
7. Partly Fulfilled. Part of the prophecy has already been fulfilled.
8. Revolutionary. The prophecy predicts a major shift in political power.