XDMC #14 : Populate This Map!

Getting to Azahorcut

(This uses Tile Map 1 Section 5, 6, 7, and 8. The encounters are designed for a party of 5 level 12 characters.)


The party is on a quest for something in the sunken city of Azahorcut. It could be an object or information to lead to some of item. Azahorcut is an old dwarven city built below ground. A disaster of some kind caused a lake to empty and flood the city. Some say it was a mining accident. Others claim a earthquake proceeded the flooding. The characters have discovered a route to the submerged city. The encounters below take place on route. The characters should know the water breathing ritual or have some other plan for exploring the city.

Area 5: Inoperative Construct

A warforged lies on the ground here. He appears to have been attempting to leave when he collapsed. His metal plates are battered. The visible wooden infrastructure appears to have taken a beating.

If the players move him, they notice that his eyes are incredibly dim but not dark. He is still alive. If revived he will be grateful. He will be hesitant of revealing much initially until he determines if the party are spies. When he lost consciousness, the war was still going on. After discovering the war is over he will reveal more as it no longer matters.

Torcma is a artificer. During the war, he was working on the Seabat, a secret submersible. This cavern was their test site as the underwater tunnels were big enough to explore. They knew nothing of the sunken dwarven city. Initially everything worked well. Exiting the craft to inspect the ruins directly cost them. The vessel has an enchantment allowing the passengers to see into the dark waters. Once outside the ship, they were forced to lite sunrods. The light attracted the attention of the ruins new inhabitants. The fish men were ferocious but the true terror was the three glowing red eyes lined vertically piercing out of the edge of the light. Tentacles whipped out and grabbed one of Torcma's companions. Sensing they could not win this battle Smittal ordered Torcma to escape with the ship.

Torcma is willing to bring the party to the city in the Seabat.

Area 6-7: Nothing but Parts

These areas have a few parts from the Seabat but are otherwise deserted.

Area 8: Repairing the Seabat (Level 12, 1400xp)

"My magnificent craft! What have the beasts done to you?" cries Torcma. Pieces of the Seabat are strewn about the room. The bulk of the craft lies to your left. It is about 10 feet long and 20 feet wide. It is shaped like a sting rag without a tail. A series of pulleys and gears allow the wings of the move up and down. The center has a large dome with two floors. The dome is mostly transparent allowing an unobstructed view outside the ship. Torcma picks up some pieces of a belt. "The wing belts are destroyed. We might need to go back for a replacement."

If the PCs have not brought Torcma, increase the complexity of the skill challenge to 3 and Arcana checks become hard DCs.

Complexity: 2

Primary Skills: Arcana, Perception, Dungeoneering, Thievery
Arcana (moderate DCs): You help Torcma strengthen the fading enchantments on the seabat.
Perception (moderate DCs): You locate pieces of the busted craft.
Dungeoneering (hard DCs): You manage to find pieces scattered about.
Thievery (hard DCs): You manage to help repair some of the clockwork and mechanical mechanisms.
Special: A rope can be juryrigged to replace the wing belts. This gives an automatic 3 successes.

Success: The seabat is repaired before the Kuo-Toa show up.

Failure: Run Area 8: Company. Afterward they may attempt to finish fixing the ship. If they fail again, Torcma discovers a flaw in the central dome and determines that the ship cannot be repaired.

Gargantuan vehicle
HP 100 Space 4 squares by 2 squares Cost 13,000gp
AC 6; Fortitude 14, Reflex 6
Speed swim 15
The pilot must stand at the controls at the front of the topmost deck
Seven Medium creatures
Out of Control
With the pilot controlling the ship, it will sink 5 squares each round.
The Seabat has two decks. The top deck is only four squares in the ship's center.
The lower deck squares that are not below the top deck move to propel the ship. Each creature on a wing decreases the ships speed by 4. At a swim of 0, the ship is out of control.
Air Enclosure
The top deck and the area below it is sealed to prevent water from entering. A portal can be opened to allow entry/exit without water filling the cabin.
The glass of the air enclosure is enchanted with darkvision. In darkness, the pilot and passengers can see normally

Area 8: Company (Level 13, 4100xp)

Setup: A Kuo-toa patrol has noticed the light of the party. They leap out of the pool and attack the group.

This encounter includes the following creatures.
3 Kuo-toa Marauder (level 12 skirmisher) [MM1 pg 172]
2 Kuo-toa Harpooner (level 14 soldier) [MM1 pg 172]

Optional Elements
2. Helpful: At least one NPC described in the adventure wants to help the PCs accomplish a goal.
4. Keyword: All the creatures in each encounter share a keyword, but no two encounters use the same shared keyword.
9. Rope: 50 ft. of rope can drastically change or obviate one encounter.