XDMC #12 : Design a Vehicle

Sunken Ship

Gawain cursed and kicked a rock into the ocean. They had not only lost the relic to Asmodeos's followers but were stranded on the island.

"Fear not warrior. Melora has not forsaken us," commented Randolph as he removed his backpack. He began taking shells, a conch, and a flask from his backpack.

An hour later, Randolph finished the ritual. A great disturbance could be seen in the waters. Barnacle encrusted masts pushed out of the depths. A mermaid figurehead rose out of the sea. Water drain from all sides of the ship. Large holes could be seen in the hull. The ship approached impossibly far into the shallow water. A skeleton threw down a rope ladder and beckoned them onboard.

Gawain stepped hesitantly on the ship. Every step produced creaks that made him further question the safety of the ship.

As if anticipating the fighter's question, Randolph replied, "the ship will get us to the mainland provided we avoid any trouble."

Ghost Ship
A sunken ship rises from the sea floor. The bony hand of the undead captain beckons you onboard.

Level: 6; Component Cost: 140 gp
Category: Exploration; Market Price: 360 gp
Time: 1 hour; Key Skill: Religion
Duration: special

This ritual raises a sunken ship from the sea floor. The animated undead crew does it best to bring you to your desired destination. The exact ship varies depending on vessels sunk near the ritual's location. The ship is barely held together with magical energy. Up to six passengers may be carried on the ship. The ritual is intended as a last resort or emergency transportation. Only living passengers are allowed. No cargo is permitted beyond the possessions carried by the passengers.

The ship comes with a complete crew of undead minions (AC level of ritual caster + 14; other defenses level of ritual caster + 12). The crew will only operate the ship. They will not attack.

Religion Check Result; Duration
19 or lower; 5 days
20-39; 7 days
40 or higher; 10 days

The sunken ship risen by the ghost ship ritual is not restored to it's former glory. Masts and hull may be encrusted with barnacles. Holes can be seen in the ship. Those on the top deck are sealed with ghostly images of boards when a passenger walks near. The ghostly boards are solid to the passengers but are disconcerting to many. The undead crew seems oblivious to the holes and walks over the gaps without falling. Sailing vessels have at most tattered remains of the once great sails. Their movement is no longer dictated by the winds.

Typical Sunken Ship
Gargantuan Vehicle
HP 50; Space 3 squares by 6 squares; Cost N/A
AC 4; Fortitude 10, Reflex 4
Speed swim 8
The pilot must stand at the ships wheel in the rear of the topmost deck
In addition to the pilot, the ship requires a crew of 4, all of whom use a standard action each round to help control the ship. Reduce the ship's speed by 2 squares for each missing crew member. At swim speed 0, the ship sails out of control.
Six Medium creatures; no cargo is allowed.
Out of Control
An out-of-control sunken ship moves forward at a swim speed of 2. The ship begins sinking. On the second round out of control all squares on the ship are considered difficult terrain. On the third round out of control, use aquatic combat rules from DMG and small creatures are no longer breathe without swimming. On the fourth round out of control, the ritual ends and the ship returns the sea depths.
The original ship had two lower levels but the lower levels of the sunken ship are not stable.

Optional Elements
4. The vehicle can transport passengers (and perhaps the passengers’ gear), but not cargo.
10. The vehicle utilizes a new ritual (described in the entry) to function.
13. Traveling on this vehicle is dangerous to the passengers, but offers other benefits that may make it worthwhile.