Gatorland Ninja Operative for ATB2

by Kuseru Satsujin

After seeing the notes on Gatorland, and fondly remembering some classic TMNT/AtB adventures, I felt that this little addition would greatly help the new AtB games. Of course, considering what it is, I''m not surprised that it was left out of AtB. A couple of Notes:
This is entirely optional.

For those wishing to include this option in the random background table, I recommend the following changes;
71-74% Elite Militia
75-77% Gatorland Ninja Operative/Independent Ninja
78-80% Guerilla Warrior

Yes, ninjutsu is spelled wrong, this is intentional, so all you martial purists out there, don't start flaming.

GM's wishing to use this in their campaign may want to look into getting TMNT (if you can find it), Ninjas & Superspies, or Rifts: Japan (and possibly Rifts: Phase World Sourcebook) for additional material on ninja.

GM's may also wish to either limit these characters to one a party (or alternatively, have the entire party be composed of ninja).

New Optional Gatorland Ninja Operative/Independent Ninja Back Ground
Many mutants in Gatorland, as well as small schools throughout the rest of the known world, are taught the ancient art of Ninjitsu, and taught how to act like the famed ninja from before the Crash. These characters tend to be highly trained in the arts of stealth, combat, and guerilla warfare. Gatorland Ninja Operatives are recruited and trained by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, err, Gang of Four, to peform a variety of tasks for the Gatorland government (such as it is). Independent Ninja are often found alone or in small groups trained by sensei who have mastered the art.

Apprenticeship: Ninja Operative (NEW!)
Primary Skills: Wilderness Survival, Demolitions, and Demolitions Disposal, along with another four Military Skills, two Physical Skills, three Rogue Skills, and three Weapon Proficiencies
Secondary Skills: Select any five.
Special Bonuses: +2 P.P., +1 P.S., +1 P.E. and +5 to S.D.C.
Money: 3D6 times 20 bucks.
Equipment: A set of basic traveling clothing/everyday wear, one custom ninja suit, as well as one good quality ninja weapon of choice and one other ancient weapon.
Relatives & Connections: If a Gatorland Ninja Operative, the character has contacts with the Gatorland ninja organization, Cardania''s Scouts, Rodent Cartel, and other rogue elements on the Eastern Seaboard. Independent Ninja often only have contact with their sensei and/or the sensei's other students, and with a few rogues or locals from their homeland.

Ninja Operative Apprenticeship
For at least eight years the character has trained under a ninja sensei in the ways of Ninjitsu. The character has learned how to use the weapons, equipment, and methods of a ninja. They are skilled at silently performing any number of missions, ranging from simple scouting and intelligence gathering to more complex subterfuges and sabotage. Many ninja use their skills to perform assassinations. A ninja works from the shadows, and no one may know their true identity, consequently, any ninja who operates openly as a ninja, continually goes masked and disguised, so no one will know their true identity. Other ninja, more adept at concealing themselves, will opt for simple disguises, often appearing as simple farmers, craftsmen, warriors, bandits, or rogues.
Gatorland Ninja Operatives fulfill a variety of roles including operating trade missions, embassies, acting as the military and adminstrative officers of Gatorland, and keeping tabs on Gatorland's neighbors (and more importantly any threats to Gatorland). These ninja primarily concentrate on the military and spying aspects of Ninjitsu training. The Gang of Four often employs single operatives and small, commando-style groups as mercenaries, lent out through black market channels to act as bodyguards, scouts, and explorers (and it is rumored, assassins and enforcers) throughout the known world.
Independent Ninja are often trained by ensei in solitary schools that may be found anywhere from remote wilderness locations, to small villages or even hidden among a burgeoning metropolis. Ninja trained in this manner are often independents who act in a variety of ways, typically traveling the land like the Japanese Ronin of old. Occasionally, gangs of these ninja may join together, either for increased opportunities for power (through theft, looting, assassinations, or simply selling the services of the group to the highest bidder) or for protection (of themselves, their sensei, or a group or community).
Base "Hand to Hand Ninjitsu Skill" (as described below):
Hand to Hand: Ninjitsu

This is the hand to hand combat commonly taught to Gatorland''s Ninja Operatives, and by ninja sensei unaffiliated with Gatorland. Ninja experts differ from other martial artists in that they are more concerned with avoiding detection and injury than in inflicting damage. An advanced hand to hand combat, it includes Automatic Parry, Kick Attack (1D8 damage), Knockout/Stun (on a Natural 20), Critical Strike (on a Natural 20), Death Blow, Leap Attack, and Roll with Punch/Fall.
NOTE: In addition to costing Three Primary or Secondary skills, the character must be able to select Boxing and Hand to Hand: Martial arts and have the following skills; Acrobatics, Climbing, Prowl, and at least one W.P. using a Ninja weapon. All bonuses are cumulative.
1: Starts with Three attacks/actions per melee round, + 3 to pull/roll with punch/fall
2: + 2 to parry/dodge
3: Two additional attacks per melee
4: +3 to strike
5: Body throw/flip does 1D6 damage, victim loses initiative and one attack.
6: One additional attack per melee.
7: Knock-Out/stun on a roll of 18-20
8: Critical strike on a roll of 17-20
9: + 2 to parry/dodge
10: Critical strike from behind
11: One additional attack per melee.
12: + 2 to pull/roll with punch/fall
13: Death blow on a roll of a natural 20
14: +4 to damage
15: + 2 to pull/roll with punch/fall

Main Skill: Hand to Hand Ninjitsu
Core Skills: Acrobatics, Climbing, Prowl, one W.P. with a Ninja weapon. All skills get a +5% or +1 to Strike where applicable.
Military & Weapon Proficiency Skills: Select any two Military Skills (no bonus), plus one W.P. of choice.
Pilot Skills: Select one from Boating, Navigation, Sailing, or Teamster/Wagoner (no bonus).

A list of Ninja Weapons and Equipment:
Descriptions can be found in TMTN&OS, N&S, Rifts: Japan, and Rifts GMG.

Weapons (applicable W.P.(s) listed in paranthesis)
Aikuchi/Tanto (Knife) Damage: 1D6 Cost: 30 bucks
Bisento (Polearm) Damage: 3D6+4 Cost: 300 bucks
Blow Gun (Targeting) Damage: 1D4, may be coated with poisons or drugs Cost: 15 bucks
Bokken (Blunt or Sword) Damage: 2D4 Cost: 30 bucks
Daisho (Paired) see Katana and Wakizashi
Hankyu (Archery) [This is the folding ninja bow] Range: 250 feet (76m), Damage: 2D4 Cost: 120 bucks.
Jitte (Forked) Damage: 1D6 Cost: 60 bucks
Katana (Sword) Damage: 2D6 or 3D6 for a high quality sword Cost: 200 bucks for a normal Katana, 1000 bucks higher for a high quality Katana
Kawanaga (Grappling Hook) Damage: 1D8 Cost: 10 bucks
Kusari-Fundo (Chain) Damage: 2D6 Cost: 10 bucks
Kusari-Gama (Chain and Battle Axe) Damage: 1D10--chain, 1D8--sickle Cost: 50 bucks
Kyoketsu-shogi (Chain and Battle Axe) Damage: 1D8--chain, 1D6--blade Cost: 40 bucks
Manriki-Gusari (Chain) Damage: 1D8 Cost: 8 bucks
Naginata (Polearm) Damage: 2D6 Cost: 150 bucks
Ninja-to (Sword) Damage: 2D4 Cost: 80 bucks
No-Dachi (Sword) Damage: 3D6+4 Cost: 500 bucks
Nunchaku (Chain) Damage: 2D4 Cost: 20 bucks
Sai (Forked) Damage: 1D6 Cost: 65 bucks
Shinobi-Zue (Staff and Chain) Damage: 1D10 for chain, 2D4 for staff Cost: 40 bucks
Shikomi-Zue (Staff or Spear) Damage: 2D6 for spear, 2D4 for staff Cost: 45 bucks
Shuriken (Targeting) Damage: 1D4 Cost: 30 to 50 bucks
Tonfa (Blunt) Damage: 1D6 Cost: 20 bucks
Wakizashi (Sword) Damage: 2D4 or 2D6 for high quality sword Cost: 100 bucks for a normal Wakizashi, 1000 or higher for a high quality Wakizashi
Yari (Spear) Damage: 2D6 Cost: 35 bucks

Chain Cost: see AtB for costs
Eggshell Bomb Cost: 5 bucks each
Ippon-Sugi Nobori Cost: 25 bucks
Ninja Boots Cost: 10 bucks
Ninja Caltrops (Tetsubishi) 1 point of damage, possible poison Cost: 5 bits, for materials and/or tools, each
Ninja Climbing Claws (Foot/Ashiko)Cost: 45 bucks/pair
Ninja Climbing Claws (Hand/Shuko)Cost: 55 bucks/pair
Ninja Emergency Kit Cost: 120 bucks
Ninja Hang Glider (HitoWashi)Cost: 250 bucks
Ninja Socks (Tabi)Cost: 2 bits/pr
Ninja Suit (Shinobi Shozoku)Cost: 10 bucks
Rope Cost: see AtB
Rope Ladder Cost: X1.5 cost of normal rope, see AtB

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