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Enemy knights are invading the kingdom. As one of the elite ostrich riders, it is your duty to defend the kingdom. With lance in hand you fly off. Remember to stay above your opponent least you fall to his lance. Collect the eggs least your opponent hatches stronger than before. Work togther with other knights.

Ostrich Riders is a free clone of the arcade game "Joust". Originally developed by Seby with graphics by Suiland. They abandonned the project in 2009. This is a new continuation of the project.

Questions or comments can be sent to dulsi@identicalsoftware.com.


Ostrich Riders 0.6.5 (source tar & gzipped)

Recent News

Febuary 28, 2019: Ostrich Riders 0.6.5 released. Added arcade mode with -a argument. In arcade mode, only starting the game and exit are available. Pressing 1 starts one player and pressing 2 starts two player. In the game if someone dies they can press the appropriate number and join right back in. Score is reset to 0. Right now high scores are not tracked. Eventually it should be fixed to enter names like an arcade machine instead of requiring a full keyboard.

September 15, 2016: Ostrich Riders 0.6.4 released. Support for more highlighted entries on scoreboard than two.

March 10, 2016: Ostrich Riders 0.6.3 released. Multiple joystick support added. Changed from a hard coded path to using fontconfig to find the font. Detect if /usr/share/ostrichriders exists. If not found look in local data directory for files.

Febuary 11, 2016: Ostrich Riders 0.6.2 released. Updated to the latest SFML library. Added a third player. The images are simply color altered versions of Suiland's original graphics.