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Re: fix for Watches window

> Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who wants to use watch
> expressions, or why has no one ever bothered to fix XWPE's Watches window?

I don't use the debugging features.  If no one tells me of a problem
I don't notice it.

> Anyway, I fixed it. Please apply the attached patch so that other users
> can finally start watching. And please do not strip out the comments. If
> there's one thing the xwpe code desperately needs, it's comments. I find
> it hard enough to debug code I've never seen before. Uncommented global
> variables with utterly misleading names (e_d_nrwtchs) do NOT make things
> easier :-)

Actually the globals may not be as misleading as you might think.
The names are simply derived from german and therefore make no sense
to english programmers.  (Or at least I hope the original author had
good names and we just don't understand them.)  As for comments, I have
nothing against them and don't needlessly strip them out.  Your
patch seems fairly reasonable.  (Actually I do dislike comments to
some degree.  Comments should be a last resort.  Ideally the code
should be well designed and intuitive enough not to need comments
but obviously that is not always possible.  Xwpe, on the other hand,
is no where near that clearity.)

Dennis Payne