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who can make xwpe jump to the column of an error?

Xwpe jumps to the line in the sources when there is an error-message from
the compiler, but the "^"-symbol, indicating the column of the error, is
not used to jump to the x-location of the error in the sources. The editor
jumps to the first character on the line. There is no syntax for
constructing a message-string in the options-compiler-anylanguage menu to
get the position of a given symbol, so I cannot modify xwpe as a user.
Could anyone please add this characteristic, it sounds like a simple
modification? For my current tests I just use a regular gnu-compiler and
even then this situation is applicable.
(see file: we_prog.c, subroutines e_make_error_list and e_p_cmp_mess)

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