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C & C++ Programming Guide

My self and others have posted about this before. But this time I did some 
thing about it.

I have started to write a C/C++ Programming Guide it is a tutorail to C and 
C++ programming and will also provide quick reference and help foundation.

I am in the early stages of writing it so it is very ALPHA! Please take a 
look and send me your comments and suggestions.

Please note the screen shots are from xwpe! The only IDE for Linux that 
supports my favorite syntax colors.  :)

Roy Souther <roy@silicontao.com>

01100010 10101110 11000110 11010110 00000100 10110010 10010110 11000110 
01001110 11110110 11001110 00010110 10010110 00101110 10000100 10000100