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Re: Small things

> 1) is the beautifyer (Run->Beautify, i.e. ^O B) working for somebody? I get
> "Error Not enough memory" although I tried on a 4 line program on a machine
> with 4 GB(!) of memory.

Seems to work fine for me.  Xwpe 1.5.26a.
> 2) with some programs pasting from the Xbuffer doesn't work (netscape) but
> it works for the xterm. Any possibility to make xwpe more 'agressive' in the
> xbuffer use, i.e. to behave like a xterm (emacs, vi ...)? (This means too,
> that everything that is marked is automatically copied to the Xbuffer.)

Xwpe has been able to paste to and from netscape since 1.5.22a.  It could
still use some work but it should work reasonably.

Dennis Payne