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Problems configureing projects

I am still having problems configuring projects.
1) LIBNAME does not except the second argument
2) Linking only links main.o, it should link all *.o files
I really need to know how to make these work. Please see my project file 

Did anyone ever fix the problem of LIBNAME not excepting env virs? 
I had that problem about a year ago and I did not keep up with it.

My project file.

# xwpe - project-file: Project.prj
# created by xwpe version 1.5.26a

CMP=	gcc
CMPFLAGS=	-g -I/usr/lib/qt/include
EXENAME=	Project
LIBNAME=	-L/usr/lib/qt/lib -lqt
CMPMESSAGE=	'${?*:warning:}\"${FILE}\", line ${LINE}:* at or near * 

FILES=	TForm.cpp TForm_m.cpp main.cpp   


Roy Souther <roy@silicontao.com>

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