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Copy and paste bug?

I was wondering about the fixed copy and paste bug.
What was the bug?

I noticed that some times when pasting in the middle of a line the code to 
the right will dissapear. It seems to only happen if I copy text from the end 
of a line and I think it is grabbing the CR/LF from the end of the line and 
that maybe what is causing it.
It would be nice if that is the bug that is fixed.

Also I noticed that the end of a line is not allways where the text ends.
It seems that spaces (char 32's) at the end of a line are counted as text.

These consers may have been addressed, the version I have is 1.5.24a
Roy Souther <roy@silicontao.com>

01100010 10101110 11000110 11010110 00000100 10110010 10010110 11000110 
01001110 11110110 11001110 00010110 10010110 00101110 10000100 10000100