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Ncurses debugging

This message is from non subscriber "Diego V. Martinez"

Hello to all !! I am using the X version of the great WPE 1.5.24a, and I
am having problems using the NCURSES.H library. Any time that I want to
debug the application, XWPE says something like "....received signal
SIGTTOU, stopped (TTY OUTPUT)".  Anyone had this problem ??. Any
    In =
http://orion.identicalsoftware.com/maillist/xwpe/2000/msg00029.html I
have found a PATCH, but: Does it work with the 1.5.24a version of
XWPE??. If yes, could you tell me how to apply it?.

Best regards,

P.D.: I am using Red Hat Linux 6.1