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Re: xwpe -> want autoconf? (fwd)

> Jan is going to create YA spinoff for xwpe, and amongst
> the first shot is autoconf. Well, I have done quite a
> bit of autoconf/automake hacking lately, so I could 
> easily contribute full autoconf support for the 
> xwpe-1.5.x. Obviously, you guys on the mailinglist
> would be the first to test it on your platform, so
> please raise your hand if you would be willing to
> contribute a build&test run.
> I'm currently testing on these platforms:
> i586-pc-linux-gnu, hppa-hp-hpux10.20, sparc-sun-solaris2.6

I have few freebsd and openbsd machines to test :)

I have related suggestion on this:
instead of using tempnam, use mkstemp. This recommends many manuals, but 
openbsd only warns about this :) So when hacking autoconf forxwpe 1.5.x, 
what about adding check for mkstemp, and try to use first mkstemp, then 
tempnam and if none is available, than xwpe internal function ? 

Jan Dvorak <johnydog@go.cz>