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Re: Problem

That's probably the ncurses problem many people are having. A fix can be
found on:

Hope this solves your problem.
    Jan Ypma

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From: "Jacek Lipczynski" <J.Lipczynski@adb.pl>
To: <xwpe@cs.rpi.edu>
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 9:25 AM
Subject: Problem

> Hi
> I use xwpe ver. 1.5.23a under RedHat 6.2 and this tool work good but a
> have problem with debuging. If I try debug a program xwpe say me Error
> Can't start Program !. What should I do ?
> Before I used xwpe ver. 1.5.19a and it was the same.
> Think's for help
> Jacek