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Xwpe 1.5.23a

I've finally gotten around to putting out a new release.  Here's the

* Added another zoom fix by Mark Spieth
* XSelection was added to 1.5.22a but forgot to get mentioned in the
* Added Fritz's Y2K patch.
* Converted info reader to use zlib.  Zlib may be required in the future.
* Allow tempnam() to create the temporary directory name if available.
     This function may also be required in future releases.

Also fixed the MY_STUFF variable problem for projects.  (I didn't feel
like going through the effort of repackaging everything for fixing the

Of particular interest to me is the number of people who don't have the
tempnam() function.  (Already asked about zlib and didn't hear anyone
complain about making it required.)

Dennis Payne