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Re: X Selection

Dennis Payne wrote:
> If anyone wants to try out X selections apply the following patch and
> add "-DSELECTION" to the DEFS in the Makefile.  I don't know if I'm going
> to keep the old method around.  In particular I'd like to know if it
> solves the SCO cut and paste problems.
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com

It's working here. not tested extensively (no extremely long lines or large
selections tried) but copying in and copying out are both working for me.

SCO 5.0.5

Thank you very much for doing this work. For better or for worse, xwpe has
become my preferred general purpose text editor in X. and now that it doesn't
munge config files ownerships and it can be pasted into and out of from other
apps it's terrific.

I'm itching for the rest of the reports to come in positive, in hopes of a
version number bump, so I can get a bindist of this out to skunkware without
having to name it something like xwpe-1.5.21a-pl3.osr5.bin.tar.gz