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Random Thoughts from the Mad Mind

I've returned from the Atlanta Linux Showcase.  It was a lot of fun.
Hopefully I'll eventually catch up on things.

One of the conferences I attended was the GNOME talk by Miguel de Icaza.
They will appearently be releasing a CORBA interface to gdb.  Although
I don't I want to require GNOME I will likely add support if it is
easy to do so and I find the time.

Other ideas of the future is possible converting the help to an info
file and doing away with the xwpe only help format.  Specifically
something that allows exporting to html or text as well might be
nice.  (Probably should fully support info first since it still has

Kenn, what's up with the Xwpe FAQ?  Are you intending to relocate now
that your rpi web site is gone?  Or should I remove the link?

Alex, Rolf compiled xwpe 1.5.20a on Solaris 2.6 except for changing
-lncurses to -lcurses no changes were needed.  So there probably be
something unusual about your setup.

Dennis Payne