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Debugger Problems

Is there anybody out there who could help me with two debugger problems?

1) I don't manage to make my f90 compiler jump at the right cursor line. A
typical message is

        f90: Error: array.f90, line 19: Syntax error, found ')' when
expecting one                   of: <END-OF-STATEMENT> ;
              a(i) = real(i))

   How does my message string have to look like?

2) I can't use the debugger. 

Dbx gives me 

  Can't start program

  And in the message window:
  Source not available

Gdb gives me
   Can't find file <very long path, which is not mine but the one of

and xwpe crashes.

When running dbx from the command line on the .e file created by xwpe it
fine and dbx finds the source file.

I could not find out what goes wrong with the path of the source file 
when using the debugger.

Any help is apreciated. :-)



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