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Re: install error on redhat 5.2

> now, I went and looked in the makefile, and found this line near the
> top:
> LN_S=   @LN_S@
> seems rather strange, as if configure didn't fill in the variable
> correctly...
> now, I'm guessing that LN_S is supposed to fill out to be ln -s, yes?
> should I consider it safe to change that line in the makefile and keep
> going?

"Oh bother." - Pooh
It appears I forgot to run autoconf after adding that option.  Yes it
should be ln -s.  I'll probably put up 1.5.16a tonight with a fixed
configure script (no other changes).  (Guess I can test my automated
release program again.)

Dennis Payne

(I must used computers too often.  I typed ls on the rpi computer and
noticed that output was formated differently.  They must have upgraded