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Remove the X from Xwpe

(James, you're currently not subscribed to the xwpe mailing list and
therefore aren't permitted to post.)

James wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:
> > (I decided to take a break from my computer game and spent last night
> > ripping apart xwpe.  I managed to split the curses/termcap and X11 functions
> > into separate shared libraries that way the curses version doesn't require
> > installing X.  It is extremely quick and dirty and requires dl* functions
> > which aren't available on all unixes so it still needs work.  No one has
> > ever complained to me about this but I always hated that RedHat shipped
> > a non-X11 xwpe package but it requires the X11 libraries to run.)
> Ah.. that sounds good. Especially because people like Redhat etc. can make
> a *real* non-X11 package. Is this change going into the next release? It
> really makes me wish I knew more about C programming, because I'd help. I
> have considered becoming the Debian maintainer for xwpe, because I
> remember seeing how it is orphaned.. I don't have the time right now
> though to learn about the maintainer system and such though. I may spend a
> weekend sometime and learn about it. If I do I'll inform Dennis and the
> list.

My current plan is to put it in the next release.  However, it is currently
possible to build a *real* non-X11 package.  Simple add -DNO_XWINDOWS but
RedHat doesn't build it that way.  (Or at least it is usually possible, I
don't always check it before making a release so it might break every
once in a while.)  I do think that this solution is better though.

I'm willing to put a debian package on the web page if anyone builds one.
I wish there was more communication with the debian group.  Every once in
a while I search for xwpe on dejanews and find debian bug reports/fixes
for xwpe.  (They are mainly 1.4.2 so they likely don't know I'm
maintaining it but I haven't bothered investigating the matter.)

Dennis Payne