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Holiday Gift

I've been a rather poor maintainer of xwpe recently sorry.  I figured I
put up the latest stuff I have.  So the web site now has 1.5.13a and it
will be available from sunsite as soon as they update it.  (No rpms just
yet though.)

Here's the changelog stuff:
* Added Alex Buell's patch for the new glibc.
* Removed support for editing binary files.
* Added Brian's patch to Search and Replace.
* Added Martin Zampach's patch to adjust breakpoints when new lines added and
     to load/save the breakpoints/watches with the project.
* Started incorporating Roman Levenstein's changes.  POSIX regular
     expressions for matching and replacing.  Ctrl-F1 now looks up the
     current function.

And it should no longer have the multiple seg fault problem
(.ESV.ESV.ESV...).  If someone feels like beating on it to test this I'd
appreciate it.

(Note: The "binary" option is still on the file-manager option menu and I
don't think I removed references from the documentation.)

Dennis Payne