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Re: executable location (fwd)

Kenn is unable to post to the xwpe mailing list because of the change
to stop spam so I'm foward this for him.  (No Kenn.  I haven't looked
into fixing this.)

Forwarded message:
> At 12:25 AM 12/21/98 +0100, Robert Gustavsson wrote:
> >Well that is OK if one uses the "big mess" approach where include, source
> >and output files are saved in the same directory. I shouldn't have to use
> Depending on the size of the project...  I can understand your reasoning,
> but I wouldn't go so far as to say it is the "big mess" approach.  
> >2-6 extra keystrokes every time I compile to check where I am and maybe
> >adjust the working directory. When I forget to do it, xwpe could recompile
> You shouldn't need to do this, except when you create a new file.  When you
> save a file, it is saved where it belongs, not in the current working
> directory.  A file not stored in the current working directory will show up
> with it's full pathname in the title bar of the window.  You can use this
> as a quick check.
> >everything, or at least a few files before I notice that something is
> >wrong. And then I have to do a 'rm *.o' cleanup from the shell as well.
> I suggest you write a makefile and add a special "make src-clean" or
> something.
> >You should really document this issue better, before somebody else wastes
> >time finding out what's going on.
> I'll add the question to the FAQ when I get a chance.
> >xwpe is basically a good editor, but there are a few bugs that are
> >annoying. Most important of all is the signal handler but I think you
> >already discussed that on the list.
> >
> >Robert
> If this really bothers you, I suggest you add an option to XWPE about where
> to store compiler output files.  The only way XWPE will get better is if
> people take some time to add in features they feel they need.  Personally,
> I go for what you termed the "big mess" approach...  If I was writing GCC
> or something else that large, I might feel the urge to change, but...
> We've never really thought about this, or at least I haven't.  Thanks for
> pointing it out; now you have the opportunity to fix it. :)  :)
> Regards,
> Kenn
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