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Re: -c flag

> I'm new to linux overall.  I've obtained the newest version of xwpe for 
> linux/intel.  When I compile a program, the compiler automatically 
> adds the -c flag meaning don't link.  Is there a fix for this?  Please 
> respond.

What are trying to use that doesn't like the "-c" flag?  How do you
compile program from the command line using it?

There is no current fix. If you don't want to hack the code yourself, you
could write a script to remove the "-c" and run the appropriate command.
(Although that may require more knowledge than a new user might have.)

As mentioned in another reply I was going to try to fix this but I'm
currently attempting to finish a game for the indepedent game festival
so it will likely be a while.  Sorry.

Dennis Payne