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Miracle at RPI

While typing an email today I noticed an '*' in the bottom left corner of
we.  So I quickly checked the about box and found a miracle had occured.
RPI had upgraded to the most recent version of xwpe.  Prior to this
they had been running 1.4.2.  (I must have sent them 10-15 emails.
I always considered it sad that a program being maintained by an alumni
was not updated.)

My RPI account should switch to an alumni account with the same email
address this weekend.  In theory there should be no disruption of
my email or web site (in practice I'm making a backup).  If anyone has
trouble emailing at payned@rpi.edu try dulsi@identicalsoftware.com.

(As for why I've been quiet recently, it's because I've been playing
with my net yaroze and working on Troll Bridge, a linux adventure game.
The net yaroze is simplified Playstation development kit for hobbyists.)

Dennis Payne