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Re: The glibc problem

On Mon, 14 Sep 1998, Dennis Payne wrote:

> I've gotten a few bounced messages from egcs people who have tried to
> copy the xwpe list on the problems Alex Buell has been having.  I haven't
> posted any because Alex has posted the highlight on solving the problem.
> This one, however, I thought should be posted.  (I've always thought using
> local variables with the same name as functions was a bad idea.)

The bug also occurs in glibc-2.0.95 (so we can eliminate the compiler as
the problem) - spent 6 hours building glibc last night on my sluggard
i486!  :o)

The temporary solution is to remove the -O2 option in the makefile for
we_wind.c and re-build. All should be well. 

I'll be reporting this to the glibc maintainers along with a well-aimed
kick in the butt with a suggestion that they stop using stupid hacks like

I know I have had this problem with another piece of software (Lynx) and
complained about it last year but noone bothered to follow up (that is
pretty evident by the fact that the bug is still in 2.0.95!)


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