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Dozens of Xwpes

I've just placed the lastest xwpe (1.5.12a) on the web page.  I'll
upload it to sunsite soon.  Here the changelog info:

* Added Brian's patch to only allow a file to be loaded in an earlier
     version but forgot to note earlier.  This version includes some fixes
     to that since it wasn't working.
* Added Yarick Rastrigin's tab patch.  Doesn't allow tabbing through
     buttons but a welcome improvement (particularly for the replace dialog).
* Incorporated some of James M.'s man page update.

I haven't removed binary file loading yet.  Also Yarick's patch to make
the linux console version look more like Turbo C is available from
(The patch doesn't display properly in xterms so it wasn't included in .12a)

Roman Levenstein just recently returned to the net community.  He had
appearently been working on xwpe some time ago.  Although he no longer
fixes it up he has sent his changes to me.  The complete source he
sent me is available at:
It is based after 1.4.2 and I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
Here are some of his notes.

The main changes are:
- improved syntax highlighting
- ncurses support
- mouse support (gpm)
- symbol browser ( types , functions , macros , classes , etc )
- improved debugger (gdb) support. New commands added.
- GNU and POSIX regular expressions matching and replacing
- context-sensitive help.
- start of CVS/RCS support

One more item one note Yarick Rastrigin sent me an icon he made for xwpe.
Since others may have done the same I've setup a page on the web site for
xwpe icons.

Dennis Payne