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Re: Colors?

[Ken, this one might be good for the FAQ]
> The color syntax seams to be broken.  I've opened up C++ files and all I
> get is everything with the normal text color ( yellow being the default
> ).  I've tried a new file, and it's still dosn't highlight.

What extension did you use?  By default xwpe looks for ".C"
Why is this the default?  Because it is what I use.  No it's not a very
good reason.  It is on my list of things to fix.  (What I'd like to
have is multiple extensions associated to one syntax but right now
it would duplicate the syntax for extension.)
How can you fix it?  Edit the global syntax_def file found in
/usr/local/lib/xwpe (if you install to /usr/local) or create a local
syntax_def in ~/.xwpe

(The other possibility is that you ran 'we' or 'xwe' which don't have
the programming features such as syntax highlighting.)

Dennis Payne