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Well as a gift for my birthday I've released xwpe-1.5.11a.  You can obtain
it from the web site (http://www.rpi.edu/~payned/xwpe/) or from my slow
ftp site (ftp://ftp.identicalsoftware.com/pub/linux/xwpe/).

The biggest change is the conversion of xwperc to a text file.  A
conversion program is included.  Note that the format is likely to
change again somewhat in the future.  Because of this I plan on keeping
xwpe-1.5.10a available on the web site (although space limits may
prevent this).

Also included is Brian's changes to projects.  You can now load projects
may just selecting them from the filemanager.  And "editing" a file now
loads the file for editing.

(As for the nfs-bug, I've never tested it with nfs and I don't know why
xwpe should care since it uses stdio file access.  Guess I'll be forced
to buy that mini-hub I was thinking about. :)

Dennis Payne