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Portable Option File

Well, I've finally gotten around to converting the xwperc into a text
file instead of the current binary format.  I have a rudimentary
version working.  (All options are the same name as the variables in
xwpe making the file incomprehensible.)  Interestingly if you save the
option file when you first start and you save it after loading the
CHANGELOG you get two different results.  (I hate memory bugs.)

The current format looks like:

Version : 1.5.11a
Dtmd : 110
Prnt : 0
Autosv : 0
Maxcol : 120
Tabn : 8
Maxchg : 999
Numundo : 10
Infofile : /usr/info
er : 15 4 79
es : 10 4 74

I'll probably create a conversion tool for converting the old to new
which every upgrading will need to run in order to keep their defaults.

Dennis Payne