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xwpe 1.5.8a released

I have just uploaded xwpe 1.5.8a to sunsite and posted a message to
cola.  The new version is currently avaliable from the xwpe alpha home
page and from my ftp site.


Here's the changes from the CHANGELOG
* Fixed gzipped man page bug.
* Directory can no longer be loaded as files but it doesn't display an error
* Incorporated Sebastiano Suraci's linux and gpm patch.  (Mostly)
* Xterm define and uninitialized strings fixed by Mark Loftis.
* Some spelling fixes.
* Lots of formating changes.
* German comments converted to english thanks to Ronald Holzloehner.

Note: The max column and cut&paste bug is not fixed as I haven't had time.
(Because of other projects I actually haven't worked on xwpe for the past
few days.)

Dennis Payne