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Inquiring minds

Answers to questions from Ronald Holzloehner:

> - why doesn't the "about"-window give the version number? (And your
> e-mail address?)
I switched that when intially starting xwpe alpha and have never updated
it since.  The version is saved in the options file so unfortunately it
has to stay the same number of letters.  At least until the option file
is fixed up (to an text file hopefully).  (As for adding my email address
it is available in the man page, README, and help file.  I have
considered modifying the about box but haven't come to any decision.)

> - There are still spelling mistakes in the menus, 
> e.g. "Case sensative" in the "Find" menu and
Thanks I'll correct it in the next version.

> "Options"/"File-manager-Options": "Rekursive Actions"
This has been left purposefully because the key used to select that option
is Alt-K.  So the k is shown in yellow.  (It should probably be switched
to another letter but I haven't gotten around to it.)

(In looking at that I just noticed the Option->FileManager window is too
large for 80x24.)

> - "Help"/"Function Index" pops up a list of items, but apparently doesn't 
> know how to handle gzipped man-pages: Is there anything I need to
> set/readjust? It just says 
> No manual entry for gz
> no manual entry for <Function name>

I thought I remember seeing code to handle that.  Appears to have problems
on my system with gzipped man pages as well.  I'll see if I can find the

> - I was always wondering about the XBuffer: If I highlight any text
> portion and say "Edit"/"Paste XBuffer", it's not in the X-Buffer -- at
> least not on my site, can't transfer it to rxvts or netscape. When
> fixing this, would it be possible to assign the keys Ctrl-C to Copy,
> Ctrl-v to Paste and Ctrl-X to move?

xwpe seems to use an old method of cut&paste in X windows.  Thats why it
doesn't transfer well with netscape (I've never used rxvts).  (I should
put that in the bug section.)  It's on my list of things to fix at some
point.  As for Ctrl-c, and -v, they worked for me.  The "standard" for
Ctrl-x is cut isn't it.  (I generally use the old block commands out of
habit.)  Do you want them to work with the xbuffer or does it not
function on your system?

> - Would a rectangular highlight/copy/paste be hard to implement? (As if
> joe or nedit, for instance?)
As a guess I'd say yes.  However, since it is a feature I've always wanted
I may write is anyway at some point but I have no idea when.

> - Version 1.5.7a couldn't read my old file ~/.wpe/wperc (written by
> version 1.4.2), at least the programming/editor colors came out
> differently

1.5.7a now reads "~/.xwpe/xwperc".  If you copy the old wperc to there it
should work.  (Since the program is xwpe, I felt that was more appropriate.)

> - I was always missing a "dirty" indicator; a status indicator that
> tells me when a file was modified (what I see is different from the file
> on the disk)

This is something I would like to see as well.  (It's on my list.)

> - Is there an easy way to retain the old square mouse pointer?
You want to keep that?  If you load up WeXterm.c, search for
WpeXMouseDefault, and change the first value (132) to a 48, you should
get the old square mouse.

> - I don't know if you need anybody to translate the German comments in
> the code, if so, I could do it
Anything you could translate whould be great.

Dennis Payne