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Re: Configure problem

[Sorry about the slow response guys.  Unfortunately other work required
my attention.]

It appears I never deleted the config.cache file while testing the new
configure script.  I normally do a clean install after packaging it up
the last time but I guess I didn't last time.  If I had I would of found
the same problem as Mark Loftis.  This is also what was causing it to
fail on suns.

The configure script is created by autoconf from the configure.in file so
any modifications should be applied there not the configure script.

xwpe 1.5.7a is now available from the web site

The following changes have been added:
* Fixed watch window segmentation fault problem.
* Fixed NO_XWINDOWS compilation.
* Fixed autosave bug.
* Fixed configure script.
* Incorporated Stefan Hille's remaining changes.

This version has been uploaded to sunsite and the lsm has been sent to
the lsm robot.

Alexander Neundorf, the autosave bug is what caused xwpe to exit without
saving changes.  Even though it saves the file to filename.ASV, it sets
f->save to zero.  Also the reason it keeps track of the number of changes
in f->save is so that it can autosave after a certain number of changes.
(I think it should probably autosave changes files after a certain
amount of time but that would be tricky to implement right now.)

Dennis Payne