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Regex patch

Mark Loftis's regex patch is now available from


It changes syntax highlighting to be based on regular expression
instead of extensions.  I haven't played much with the patch yet.
As mentioned earlier I plan on hold off on integrating the patch
until a proper configure script has been created.  (If someone can
come up with a regular expresion to accept *.C, *.cpp, *.cc, *.cxx,
 *.h, *.hpp, and *.hxx, I'll setup xwpe to accept all extensions.)

I also received a large patch from Alexander Neundorf.  He suggests
removing the djgpp ifdefs since it doesn't work and rhide is
available for it.  Any opinions on the matter?  (The patch is based
on 1.5.4a so I can't just make it available yet.)

[For new subscribers: The lastest version of xwpe is 1.5.5a and is
available from
>From there you can also go to the xwpe mailing list archive.]

Dennis Payne