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New World: The Final Colonies

The New World was supposed to save the Old World. The new lands could alleviate the crushing population. The new resources could fill the thirst for goods. Unfortunately it appears nothing could save the Old World.

For over a century the Martish Empire expanded to the edges of civilization. This expansion came at a heavy cost. Formerly rich mineral veins were mined dry. The great cities consumed ever growing quantities of food. Old religions secretly worked to undermine the new state religion. Mercantile organizations manipulated supplies to increase price and profit. Increased longevity brought an ever growing population. The discovery of the New World was seen as a solution to the empire's ails.

After discovery of the New World by Giacovanni Tannaserro in 1492, Emperor Eratos II sent a large expedition to setup a colony and look for new mineral veins. The New Lusal colony was founded in 1495. The dwarves explored the nearby Lethar Mountains. The existing caverns allowed the dwarves to quickly begin mining operations. Soon ore began shipping from the New World.

Meanwhile the followers of the old Gracos religion organized several events to disrupt the empire. The Emperor offered a colony in the new lands to ease the tensions. The religious leaders jumped at the chance. The expedition was not as well funded as the first colony and suffered numerous loses on the seas. They landed at Napoboth Bay farther to north than planned. The colony likely would have died if not for the aid of the dragonkin.

The dragonkin had been watching the newcomers since their arrival. Some rumors of colony in the south had reached the Sargosfar tribe but this was the first they had seen. They watched for sometime before attempting contact. The reptilian humanoids drew a lot of suspicion on the first meeting but their peaceful overtures won over the community leaders. The first winter shocked the colonists with a harsh cold that they had never experienced. With the dragonkin's advice and experience, the colonists were able to survive the first year.

With the success of the Napoboth Bay colony, more political undesirables were sent to the New World. Not all accepted the Gracos religion mandated in the Napoboth Bay colony. The discontent reached boiling point in 1498 when the dissatisfied set off and founded the New Flamemouth colony. In 1499, criminals sent away formed the colony of Incarton to the north of New Lusal. This was followed shortly by the foundation of Bragton in 1501.

The mass of ships and people leaving to exploit the New World concerned the elves of Verdant Root. If left alone it was believed the empire would ravage the landscape as had been done in the Old World. Through the use of an old ritual the forest city of Alimos-Dan shifted to new land establishing the Sillaron colony. Although they arrived in 1501, the Emperor refused to recognize the colony until 1504.

For some time explorers had set out to conquer the new lands. New discoveries returned everyday. Some were fanciful creations with hardly a grain of the truth. Tales of the demonmen to the south seemed beyond the realm of the possible until the first arrived at in New Lusal. The tiefling was badly hurt when it stumbled into the town. After some debate over aiding the demonspawn, the healers helped as best they could.

The tiefling, Ixtlilmoani, proved invaluable for learning of the south lands. He did not explain the reason for his exile from his homeland. Descriptions of its activities proved very grim and have not been refuted. The Techogaxoan Empire is populated mostly by tieflings and humans. All power is held by the tieflings. Their gods demand blood sacrifice leading to constant expansion. Since then New Lusal has begun to fortify the southern border.

As the colonies grew, trouble in the Martish Empire continued. Emperor Eratos II died. His son Deipno assumed the throne. Food shortages and disease became more frequent. In 1521, the Argalen returned from a shipment to the Old World. The surviving crew were near death due to starvation. They recounted tales of burning cities, walking dead, and demons flying overhead. Even the wizards of Sillaron have been unable to ascertain what happened.

Bad news seems to continue as no one has heard from the latest colony Outtant formed in the west for over a month. Tension between New Lusal and Incarton is high after the discovery of a good mining site along their border leading both to claim the site. Will we learn from the mistakes of the old world or are we doom to succumb to a similar chaos?


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