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New World: Dwarf

Dwarves believe they were created by Orth from the stone of their mountain homes. After death, they return to stone by a ritual performed by the priests. The stone body is returned to the mountain from which the dwarf came. Even in the New World the dwarves continue their customs taught to ancestors thousands of years ago.

Of all the races found in the Martish Empire, the dwarves integrated the least. The dwarves offered to join the empire rather than fight. Rumor has it they explained to the emperor's negotiators how many men would be loss if they attempted to conquer the dwarven strongholds. In return for their support, the dwarves worshiped the old gods and carried on unchanged.

The loss of their ancestral homeland has troubled the dwarves. An increase in disorder was noticed after word of the destruction spread. Stubborn to a fault the dead are still transformed into stone. Those born in the Old World are stored in great halls waiting to return to their final resting place. Some talk of organizing an expedition back to reclaim their homeland. While not an immediate possibility, no doubt the dwarves will attempt to return to their mountain homes.

In the Old World, some dwarves rejected Orth. They believed he wanted unquestioning soldiers. Instead Burm freed the dwarves by showing them how to mold the earth to their desires with the forge. While no one is required to worship Orth, a dwarf rejecting him was a crime in the Old World. Great effort was made to ensure no Burm taint reach the New World. Unfortunately reports suggest that they were not entirely successful.


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