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New World: Dragonkin

The dragonkin are native to the New World. They maintain a relatively primitive society by choice. Some farming is practiced by the dragonkin but they still travel with the herds they hunt. Weapons are limited sharpened stone. Legends say the dragonkin once created an advanced civilization but corruption and greed caused it's downfall.

Were their appearance insufficient to disturb the settlers, the power of their warriors gave talk of them being tainted with the blood of lycanthropes. Blessed by the Great Spirits, many warriors manifest one aspect of the coualt, the servants of the Great Spirits. The Eagle Knights gains a light amount of feathers all over and talons on their hands and feet. The change of the Serpent Knights is more subtle among the dragonkin. The scales and fangs are clearly visible on the few non dragonborn that have embraced the Great Spirits and studied their traditions.

Since the arrival of the newcomers, the dragonkin traditions have come under conflict. While their appearance was startling to the settlers, they have lived peacefully for the most part. The young dragonkin have looked at the metal tools with envy. Some have abandoned their traditions for the new lifestyle presented by the colonists. This combined with the continued expansion of the newcomers has caused some recent tension.


Long ago the dragonkin learned the error of mating with close relatives. While appearing normal at birth the children do not develop like other dragonkin. They never grow as large and have a generally weaker physic. The dragonkin call them kobolds.

Kobolds are largely driven out of dragonkin society often with the parents as well. This causes many to grow up resenting dragonkin. The stigma is strong enough that other than physically isolated communities few kobolds are born.


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