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The Midgard Bestiary has quickly become one of my favorite 4e product. When I saw the Midgard Bonus Bestiary, I picked it up fairly quickly. Like the bestiary, the monster are well designed an interesting. I've used the Bagiennik and Dragonleaf Tree. The Bagiennik is a strange water fey that looks more like an aberration. They are described as mad healers who sometimes help and sometimes attack seemingly without reason. That description inspired an encounter where a small group of the creatures were healing a unicorn. While I designed the encounter with them as a potential combat, the PCs decided not to engage them. The PCs referred to the Dragonleaf Tree as a half-dragon treant. They provided a pretty good challenge for the PCs. In preparing for a session I did find the lack of chart of monsters by level annoying. Here is the one I made:

Doppelrat Level 1 Solo Skirmisher
Witchlight Level 2 Artillery
Kikimora Level 5 Elite Lurker
Oculo Swarm Level 6 Skirmisher
Bagiennik Level 7 Skirmisher
Dragonleaf Tree Level 9 Artillery
Protostar Drake Level 12 Skirmisher
Salt Golem Level 15 Brute
Star Drake Level 17 Elite Lurker
Stuhac Level 18 Solo Brute
Andrenjinyi Level 19 Solo Brute
Chort Devil Level 22 Skirmisher
Strangling Watcher (Urochar) Level 22 Solo Lurker

As you can see the creatures are rather spread out in level. Unless you modify the creatures, you'll need another monster book but that isn't surprising giving that this is a bonus bestiary. If my players were lower level, I'd use the Doppelrat which can make copies of itself. As a beholder fan, the oculo swarm looks interesting. It even includes a level 9 wizard daily attack to summon the creature. I would definitely recommend this for 4e DMs.


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