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Brick Exoframe Cover

Build suits of power armor with Lego bricks! Shoot limbs off opponents! Replace your limbs to get new feature! Defend humanity against the alien threat!

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Brick Exoframe is a game about power armor. It is designed to be played with popular brick building toys. You can shoot off components from enemies and attach them to yourself. In addition to the rules for the game, there is simple power armor design instructions so you can build your own characters. Artwork throughout the book show customized versions of this basic design.

Brick Exoframe was designed during the PocketQuest 2023 game jam.

Very few decisions need to be made to make a character. Shelly decided to go with melee combat and started with a sword. Her character is nicknamed Null. Null is the sole survivor from a colony attacked by the borfax.

During the adventure, she found a dagger sword but lost her original weapon down a pit.

Shelly'Character sheet for Null

The combat system is designed to be simple for players. At the start of combat Shelly rolls her three activation dice. She gets a 1, 3, and 6. On the character sheet are six sided die icons. Once she decides what to do she places each die on the appropriate location. In this case she placed the 1 in initiative, 3 in movement using the two standard legs, and 6 in the dagger sword slot which has a variety of actions which could be taken. Right now Null has two standard legs. If one were removed, she would swap that card with the one standard leg card. Ideally you print that on the opposite side or glue them onto a piece of cardboard so you can easily flip between them.

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