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What is it?

Gamerzilla is a trophy/achievement system for games. It can use Hubzilla to display your results online or can keep your results locally. Games use the LibGamerzilla library to specify what trophies are available and when you have achieved them. Games can be designed to interact directly with Hubzilla to store results but then you need to configure your Hubzilla information in every game. The expectation is that a game manager like GameHub will use LibGamerzilla to collect results and upload changes if you want. LibGamerzilla is available for use by both open source games and proprietary games.

Will it support something other than Hubzilla?

Sample Achievements Screen

We would like to support other social networking systems if possible. A standalone could also be developed.



pylibgamerzilla-0.0.1.tgz for python users (requires libgamerzilla) for Godot Gamerzilla GDNative for 64-bit Windows for Godot Gamerzilla GDNative for 64-bit Linux/BSD

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