Dulsi M'kar

Real World History:

Dulsi M'kar was created on December 27, 1987 for one of Ed Payne's Krynn campaigns. His name comes from two rivers on the World of Greyhawk. Over the years he has seen many incarnations including one multiclassed Fighter/Priest. Even his name has changed from Mikar to Mykar to the current M'kar. He has played in various campaigns but none for very long. He was not my first character nor the greatest personality yet for some unknown reason he is one of my favorites.

Character History:

Dulsi's reason for leaving his island home have always been kept to himself. Most people were wise enough to avoid the minotaur. A small band of three adventurers, however, befriended him. His combat skills have saved their lives on numerous occasions. Just his towering form is often sufficient to deter whould be attackers.

Name: Dulsi M'kar                      Class: Fighter
Player: Dennis Payne                   Race: Krynn Minotaur
Age: 18                  Level: 3                  Alignment: Lawful Evil
Hand: Right              Height: 7 ft 5 in         Weight: 280 lbs.

S : 18 (00)  +3 to hit  +6 to dam  16 (6) OD  40% BB/LG    13  Poison
D : 11       ---                                           15  R/S/W
C : 16       +2 to hp  95% SS  96% RS                      14  Pet./Poly.
I : 10       ---                                           16  Breath
W : 8        ---                                           16  Spell
Ch| 6        2 hench.  -3 loyalty  -2 reaction

Hit Points: 35                         Experience Points: 4740
Armor Class:    F,8    B,8    w/o Shield,8    Dex Bonus: 0    Magic Bonus: 0
THAC0: 18                Move: 12                  Encumbrance: 35.2

Weapon Proficiencies: Two-handed battle axe specialist, Battle axe, Hand axe,
     Two-hander style, Broad sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Blind-Fighting, Navigation, Seamanship, Swimming

Languages: Common, Minotaur, Ogre

Special Abilities: 
     Dulsi can butt people over 6 ft tall for 2d8 points of damage.  He can
also bite an opponent under 6 ft height for 1d4 points of damage.
     He can track creatures buy sent with 50 % accuracy if the trail is a day
or less old for each day after that he has a -10 % chance of success.

Name                                                       Weight
Leather Armor
Light Clothing                                                5
Two-Handed Axe ( In hand )                                   10
Large Belt Pouch                                              1
 - 7 days of Dry Rations                                      7
 - 10 Steel Pieces                                             .1
Large Belt Pouch                                              1
 - Black Dragon's Tooth
 - Tinder Box                                                  .1
 - 2 Gems ( Worth 100 Steel Pieces each )                     2
Full Water Skin w/ Dwarf Spirits ( Tied to belt )             5
Broad sword w/ Scabbard                                       4

                                                    Total:   35.2