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Char B
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Char C
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Char D
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Char E
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Char F
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Char G
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Char H
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Char I
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Line of Sight
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CoCo Map
Movement from last Pin:

  1. The arena is a cylinder, with a radius of 150 feet and a height of 50 feet. The walls, ceiling, and floor are assumed to be 20 foot thick at a minimum. Each number along the grid represents 5 feet. Positive numbers are blue. Negative numbers are red.
  2. Obstacles: There are two kinds of obstacles: pillars reach the ceiling, rocks are only 5 ft high (these dimensions will suffice to meld into stone a creature of any size). Both have AC 3, a hardness of 8, and 120 hit points.
    1. Cover: Rocks provide only cover (+4 AC, +2 to Reflex vs. attacks from the other side) to medium or smaller creatures standing behind them; larger creatures need larger obstacles to benefit from cover. Basically, to benefit from cover, half of a creatures front spaces must be blocked by an obstacle. Example: a large creature has 4 front spaces (2 at the bottom, and two at 5 feet height) so it needs at least 2 squares of cover (like a pillar who has 2 squares that lie on top of each other).
    2. Improved Cover: To benefit from improved cover (+8 AC, +4 to Reflex vs. attacks from the other side, improved evasion, +10 Hide) a creature's front squares must be blocked by equally as many cover squares (medium creature behind pillar, small creature behind rock, etc). You cannot attack while using improved cover as you have to press yourself against the obstacle.
  3. Terrain Type: The arena counts as any map type and always grants the full benefits related to terrain-specific bonuses within the boundaries of common sense.
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  • Fill the Name of your gladiators in the Characters section
  • Click the P(ick) button near pin 1 and put it on the map for the starting position
  • Click the P(ick) button near pin 2 (and 3 and 4 if needed) and put it on the map for moving position
  • Repeat this for all your characters
  • Optionally fill the Note for your character
  • Click the Generate button, this loads the image and copy the IMG tag in your clipboard
  • Use C(ancel) button to remove a pin from the map

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